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I am a professional composer of music and sound effects with over a decade's experience working in the videogame industry. For seven years, I co-founded and ran Megadev, an indie game studio. Mobile, PC, console, browser - I've had to get to grips with all kinds of platforms. My clients have included Adult Swim, Namco, Eidos. Disney, UnitAid, Miniclip and many more.


I have also worked on TV adverts, music for exhibitions, and recorded a number of live bands, including my own extracurricular projects. I'm familiar with all stages of production;  composition, engineering, performance, mixing, mastering. Editing dialogue is a speciality of mine, and from clean-up to post-production, I get a lot of satisfaction from doing it.


In addition, I record and edit a podcast, engineer a regular open mic night, and perform in two bands. It's pretty safe to say that audio is my life.


Contact me here

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