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Online superfan Necrotony94 presents a tribute to the self-proclaimed king of videogame walkthroughs, Al Pachinko. Through video logs, mobile phone and walkthrough footage, his odd little world is brought to light.


He can pay his rent, and plays games for a living - the dream scenario. Surely he's happy? Well, not quite.

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As featured on the BBC!

Forget Tom Waits. Forget Scott Walker. Forget Keith Harris.


The most influential avant-garde musician of the late 20th century is Reuben Bondek. He breaks down musical barriers as easily you or I would make toast. 


Written & performed with Johnny Rogers.

Some highlights from the recent Mental Gymnastics World Series with commentator John Smoothman.

Flagship TV magazine programme The Two Show presents The Two-Minute Titter!


Its most popular segment, where viewers send in their unintentionally funny child's drawings, The Two-Minute Titter will give your week a lift!


You'll laugh til you burst!

The Two Show's Brian Git looks at trying to keep hobbies going during a pandemic.

Episode 5 - Steve, Eugenics And GrapArtist Name
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I have recorded and guested on many podcasts over the years, from videogame-themed ones, such as One Life Left, Joypod, Sound of Play and Cane and Rinse to my own, Just Add Idiots. We managed just over 20 podcasts during our lifespan, which, for 3 years, is a pretty dreadful work rate. Good fun, though.



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