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A small selection of the games I've worked on. See the credits page for full details, and my Twitter for dev updates.

Argot Bertha Games

An independent game dev studio I co-founded and ran for seven years as Head of Audio. Itch,io here


Please Knock Ginger

(In development)

You're trying to have a quiet evening listening to your radio, but strange visitors keep trying to drag you into their mysteries.

A deduction game with many endings, Please Knock Ginger has a story for everyone.

Role: programming, design, art, music & SFX




South Cliff

(Release Feb 3rd, 2021)

BUY on Itch

Press kit

I don't visit my home town often, but I can't avoid it any longer. Is it like I remember?

South Cliff is a short, text-filled experience that asks how reliable our memories really are.

Role: programming, design, art, music & SFX



Wretched Creatures

(In development)

Hey, do you want to get away from The Swarm? Maybe see what the lower levels of TowerHorn 11B are like? Well, uber-host Boxjuice has a game show for you!

Wretched Creatures is a mix of arena battlers, the spirit of The Hunger Games, and the finest biomechanical design money can buy.

Role: programming, design, art, music & SFX



Dallas Doesn't Have To Die

(In development)

A tribute to the enduring popularity of the Alien film series, this 2D stealth survival horror sees the recreation of Captain Dallas' spine-tingling expedition through the air ducts of the Nostromo, giving the player the chance to change history...

Role: programming, design, art, music & SFX


Megadev Games 

An independent game dev studio I co-founded and ran for seven years as Head of Audio.



Super House Of Dead Ninjas

(Adult Swim)


Super House of Dead Ninjas is an action arcade game with roguelite elements. Race against a 30 second timer as you descend floor after foe-filled floor and attempt to unlock the secrets of this deadly tower!


Role: music & SFX, additional level design


Knightfall 1, 2 & 3

(Armor Games, Namco)


In this fantasy puzzle-RPG, you must guide Knight around the board through a combination of destroying block groups and rotating the entire play area! You can lead him into battle against foul creatures, grab treasure, cast magic, and make a speedy escape with your spoils!

Role: music & SFX, design, writing

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