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welcome to the secret bit!

Here's what I'm working on now...




And this is what I'm working on next...




al pachinko: a tribute.


Online superfan Necrotony94 presents a meticulously assembled tribute to the self-proclaimed king of videogame walkthroughs, Al Pachinko. Through video logs, mobile phone and gameplay footage, his online and offline worlds are brought to light.


He can pay his rent, plays games for a living and has all the prawn cocktail crisps he could possibly need - the dream scenario. Surely he's happy? Well, not quite. In fact, he's thoroughly stuck.


Information on screenings in 2016 coming soon...or you could just watch the whole thing above.






Due to go into pre-design in early 2016, the development of this stark, puzzling horror game will be accompanied by video diaries tracking its progress, as the tale of Romilly Habert and her captive office of human subjects comes to light. Just one more reason never to go to work again...




Interested in what you're seeing? Drop me an email here




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