Comedy writing and performance has been a big part of my focus in recent times. 

My main creation is Al Pachinko, the self-described king of You Tube Let’s Players.



I love collaborating, and am currently in a local troupe recording a spoof documentary about the various oddballs that inhabit The Arts Whole, a community centre in danger of closure. More on this soon.

Next up is Brutal Death Theatre, a spoof of True Crime podcasts, but with a British twist. Dave Jennie, investigative journalist, has detected something foul brewing in his home town of Bangford. Murder, unicorns and rumours. He sets out to find out what is going on.

Sponsored by Dropcorn, the most fun you can have with your mouth open.

In tandem with fellow comedy writer Johnny Rogers, I recorded a spoof radio show centred on the fictional avant-garde musician, Reuben Bondek. It was pieced together via a series of improvisations and spontaneously-performed songs by us.

Full 30 minute programme

  • Reuben Bondek: A Retrospective
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  • Thrubb Magazine
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I have recorded and guested on many podcasts over the years, from videogame-themed ones, such as One Life Left, Joypod, Sound of Play and Cane and Rinse to my own, Just Add Idiots. We managed just over 20 podcasts during our lifespan, which, for 3 years, is a pretty dreadful work rate. Good fun, mind you.



  • Episode 5 - Steve, Eugenics & Grapes
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  • Just Add Idiots
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