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The years 2008 to 2015 were spent as co-founder and director of independent video game development house, Megadev, which produced all-original titles during its lifetime.



Megadev released over twenty games, one of which - ‘Super House of Dead Ninjas’ - spearheaded Adult Swim’s successful entry into the Steam market. The popular Flash-based puzzle series ‘Bomboozle’ has had over 100m plays, and the third installment in the 'Knightfall' series was released by esteemed publisher Namco. Many different genres were explored, including lighthearted puzzlers, kinetic platformers, rhythm-action beat-em-ups, expansive RPGs and even violin-led horror comedies. Clients include Namco, Adult Swim, Disney, Miniclip, Mindjolt/SGN, Warner Bros, and scores of gaming portals and smaller publishers.


During this time, I acquired a solid understanding of in-game design, contributing custom-designed puzzles and rooms to ‘Super House of Dead Ninjas’, note data to rhythm-action titles like ‘Atomic Gringo’ and ‘Guitar Geek’, and the vast majority of overworld and dungeon layouts to ‘Lunchtime RPG’.


I have a keen interest in dynamic soundtracks and soundscapes, and working in gaming has allowed for small-scale experiments in the field, whilst also keeping an eye on bigger budget examples of the same. There is a thin dividing line between scores and SFX, and new ways to make the two work together were actively sought during Megadev’s tenure.


Lunchtime RPG
Knightfall 3
Time 4 Cat
Super Sloth Bomber
Bomboozle 3
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