full credits

Music | SFX  | Writing | Programming | Design | Art | Performance



Mutant Factory   video game  

Lunchtime RPG (cancelled)   video game  

Skipped - Junk Science EP   music EP   

Gamine   novella  



Bomboozle 3   video game  

Holy Crap, Bears!   video game  

Atomic Gringo   video game  

Webshadows: Truthtell   multimedia   



Super House of Dead Ninjas   video game  

Bigtime Butter Baron   video game  

Time 4 More Cat   video game  

One Life Left podcast - news soundbed   music   

The Golden Cold - The Queen of Salt & Sergeant Pepper   music album  ● 

The Golden Cold - Kind   music album  



Nurse Quest   video game  

One Man and his Dinosaur   video game  

House of Dead Ninjas   video game  

Nick Parton - Scotoma   music album  

Just Add Idiots   comedy podcast  



Bomboozle 2   video game  

My Word!   video game  

Knightfall 3: Death & Taxes   video game  

Joypod podcast - Get To Know Your Guest jingle   music  

Fine Excuses - We Shan't Work Together Again   music album  

China Loan Sport - 50-90   music album  



Knightfall 2   video game  

Knightfall   video game  

Time 4 Cat   video game  

Super Sloth Bomber   video game  

Fine Excuses - Goodbye To all That EP   music EP  

Fine Excuses - Argot Bertha   music album   



Guitar Geek   video game  

Bomboozle   video game  

One Life Left podcast - news bed theme   music  

Finsbury the Shark   video game  

The Sound Factory   video game  

Piecey - Chorine   music album  

Reuben Bondek: A Retrospective   comedy podcast  

The Liar   comedy podcast  

Toastbusters   comedy podcast  

Porchlight Porn   comedy podcast