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Full Credits

Music | SFX  | Writing | Programming | Design | Art | Performance



Damian O'Vitch EP (as producer/engineer)   music  


Wordsweeper (in development)  video game  

Courting - Loaded (Definite Footsteps remix)  music video 

Balaman - Nature Lover  music video 

Balaman - Jetski Detective  music video 


Definite Footsteps - Blight ID  music 

Peaky Blinders: The King's Ransom (for Zimmer Audio)   video game  


Please Knock Ginger (in development)  video game  

MHH: Mixtape  music 


South Cliff   video game  

The Computer Game Show  (revamp title)   music  

The Leaping Goblin   video game  


Peek & Poke white label games   video game  

Wretched Creatures (in development)   video game  

Ovar   short story  

Listen Carefully   short film  


Dungeon Crawl   video game  


Swords & Shadows (demo)   video game  

Scotoma (in development)   video game  

Brutal Death Theatre   comedy drama podcast  


Fine Excuses - Seekers Allowance   music album   

The Computer Game Show (title music)   music  


Mutant Factory   video game  

Lunchtime RPG (cancelled)   video game  

Skipped - Junk Science EP   music EP   

Gamine   novella  



Bomboozle 3   video game  

Holy Crap, Bears!   video game  

Atomic Gringo   video game  

Webshadows: Truthtell   multimedia   



Super House of Dead Ninjas   video game  

Bigtime Butter Baron   video game  

Time 4 More Cat   video game  

One Life Left podcast - news soundbed   music   

The Golden Cold - The Queen of Salt & Sergeant Pepper   music album  ● 

The Golden Cold - Kind   music album  



Nurse Quest   video game  

One Man and his Dinosaur   video game  

House of Dead Ninjas   video game  

Nick Parton - Scotoma   music album  

Just Add Idiots   comedy podcast  



Bomboozle 2   video game  

My Word!   video game  

Knightfall 3: Death & Taxes   video game  

Joypod podcast - Get To Know Your Guest jingle   music  

Fine Excuses - We Shan't Work Together Again   music album  

China Loan Sport - 50-90   music album  


Knightfall 2   video game  

Knightfall  video game  

Time 4 Cat  video game  

Super Sloth Bomber  video game  

Fine Excuses - Goodbye To all That EP   music EP  

Fine Excuses - Argot Bertha  music album   



Guitar Geek  video game  

Bomboozle  video game  

One Life Left podcast - news bed theme   music  

Finsbury the Shark  video game  

The Sound Factory  video game  

Piecey - Chorine  music album  

Reuben Bondek: A Retrospective   comedy podcast  

The Liar  comedy podcast  

Toastbusters  comedy podcast  

Porchlight Porn  comedy podcast  


Fine Excuses - Mild Peril EP   music EP    

Mr Glide - Three Pinned Assailants   music album   

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Anniversary   video game  

Tomb Raiser: Puzzle Paradox   video game   
Barrio 19 (unpublished)   video game  
Tony Hawk's Project 8   video game  

Tony Hawk's Proving Ground   video game  



Fine Excuses - Hail to the Harmless Grudge EP   music EP    

Unwrong Snow Globe   3D demo  

Pub Arcade   video game   
Trickshot Pool   video game   


Pub Fight   video game   

Dirty Sanchez   video game  


Bantumi Battles   video game   


Slider   video game   

Picasso   video game  

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