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Bristol Horror Con 2016 - The Visit

Well, this was pretty unexpected. I'd always intended to leg it down to Bristol's annual Horror Con, but I didn't think I'd end up exhibiting! Thanks to the go-gettin' attitude of Blue Donut Studio's Marcus Pullen, we nabbed a table about a week before the event and I frantically set about preparing some interesting things to take for a game that is barely in its infancy.

But what a time it was. Horror fans? Uniformly nice and pleasant down to the last punter. Everyone we met was engaging, passionate and liked murderous things. Can't argue with that.

Here was our table - if you squint, you can see my flyers directing people to the website, and a couple of posters featuring numerous horrors:

If there was one regret, it's that we didn't get the chance to meet more of the other stall holders. From the moment doors opened, the place was pretty much flooded. Me throat is still dry from yammering all day.

Nonetheless, we made the acquaintance of Tru-Tek Neil from Gory Hole, make-up doyenne Alice Bizarre, musician Hans Hess, filmmaker Lee Burgess, artist Steve 'Zartforms' Fielding and authors Anton Palmer and John Charles. Below is a tremendously generous gift from Neil - behold the Sunobite!

Same time next year? Oh, aye.


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